Backband - Epic Endurance 18

Anybody swapped out the backband on an Epic Endurance 18 kayak and what did you replace it with ?

Seems flimsy and poor considering the rest of the boat is just awesome.

don’t have that particular boat…
…but my backband of choice that I tend to install into most kayaks (sea kayaks and whitewater) is the Immersion Research Reggie backband.

I also like the IR Reggie
Currently have them in my QCC 700, VCP Pintail, and WS Sparrow Hawk. All quite different - works well in all.

I have seen the EPIC seat/band setup several times, and paddled it a couple - and can’t really remember what was there. If they are indeed going to the IR on new kayaks, and that’s not what’s in yours now - you probably have your answer.