Backband for a Corsica

How is a backband typically attached on a poly whitewater kayak? I demoed an old Perception Corsica over the weekend. Not a quick kayak but it was easy to handle and had plenty of leg room. It had no back support and that’s just not comfortable. Should there be attachment points on the seat or on the hull itself for a backband?

most bolt onto the seat. you may have to fabricate a support in the stern pillar as well.

good luck


To add to Flatpicks comments
As I recall many WW boats from that era had no backbands. You may want to remove the seat and see if there are lightening and or access holes for installation of the hardware.

I believe that some brands of backbands mount through a 1/4 x 1" slot and have a knob bolted to the end of a ratchet strap that anchors said strap.