Backband replacement for Avocet?

Hi all, I recently bought a used RM Avocet, love it thus far but it came with a very uncomforatble backband. while the seat seems like it may be the original, the backband isn’t and it’s an odd foam thing that rides up and jabs into your back. It’s sturdy as hell, but just plain uncomfortable.

Anyway, other Avocet paddlers, any suggestions for a good fitting replacement?



I have a Snapdragon
I’ll give you if you are ever down Wilmington way. I don’t use it because I prefer the wedge in my Explorer and doing w/o in my sof

What I did
My Anas Acuta came with the same backband and the same discomfort. I took the pad off the strap, re-installed the strap and then cut a closed-cell pad that I duct-taped to the strap. Looks cheesy as hell, but it is uber-comfortable.

Doesn’t have to be pretty, just comfy and sturdy.