One of my partners has a back issue and thinks that he should have some back support to lean against in the stern of my Jensen 18. I am wondering which type to suggest to him. I remember a J-Boat that had a back band rigged into it but do not remember the name. I have no problem with drilling holes in the gunwales to mount it. I am sure some of you might have done this. any suggestions?

If he is paddling like most people
paddle a Jensen 18, he will have enough fore/aft movement that a backband won’t have much effect.

He could switch completely to kneeling, and the canoes that are appropriate for kneeling. He can sell any bent shaft paddles he has.

To answer your question,
take a look at attached link:


First I am going to ask
if the boat has a footbar in the stern. That is the first step in relieving back strain.

Backbands do not work by allowing the paddler to lean back. Look at rotten posture exemplified by most kayakers in rec boats with high backrests.

Backbands should fit around the small of the back and keep the paddlers torso vertical…not a rearward angle.

You guys getting old ???
Jack L

we are getting old but this is not for Randy

or me. Three miles and Terry is the best stern paddler

I have ever paddled with, including Jim Normandin. Four miles and he locks up.