Interested in getting a backband for a WW boat I just bought, but balk at the prices for what looks like not much more than some strapping a piece of foam. $40-70 bucks seems like a lot for such a simple peice of equipment. Can anyone recommend cheaper alternatives?

Make your own
If you can’t do that, quit complaining and buy one.

you can
make your own depending on your cockpit and how much support you want. Just brace some foam on the back coming where you sit. But if you want something adjustable, neat, clean, usable, comfortable all in one, you’d probably need to just buy it.

This is a good site for fitting your kayak

E-bay or NSI
Check out eBay for the occasional cheap backband, OR get a great, anatomic one from NSI …

Bomber Gear backbands
are frequently on ebay often beginning @13.75. That’s what I paid for my most recent one. I now have one for each of my 3 boats and couldn’t be happier.

you can e-mail, I think, the seller and if they have one they put it up on ebay for you

3 on ebay right now
I just searched for bomber gear in sporting goods

13.75 to start with no bids currently

These look like a good deal but they also look different from the ones that are on the Bomber Gear web site. Are they an older model?


ebay backbands…
The bomber gear backbands are nice. I have one in my playboat and it works well. Of course Bomber Gear is out of business these days so I guess they’re all “old” now!

Another ebay option which is better is currently listed as a “Dagger Backband.” This is also sometimes listed as a Perception Backband as well. The ratcheting backband is in fact an IR Reggie backband with a different logo on it. I think this is hands down the best backband out there and for around $20 on ebay, it’s a steal.

Used both,
the NSI and IR, both are good, the IR allows more rotation since it is a smaller backband.


I would never buy NSI again.
Their hardware rusted up in a year, and then the lady I talked to about it was so nasty I almost hung up on her.



Dagger on Ebay…
I just installed the Dagger on Ebay in one of my boats… seller said it is better and heavier than the $13 model, it is fine. Not as good as my Snap Dragon but OK… GH

Make sure you are willing to cut holes…
in your boat if you get the dagger/perception reggie backband. I had one and did not like it as much as the bomber

prostraps are nice
and although the backbands work fine by themselves, I always prefer cutting hole and attaching the prostraps that come with the backband. That’s just my personal preference though and I know many people would be adverse to that.

Happy with IR -/ eBay note.
Reggie 2.o had been great in my 700 - and now the Pintail too. I do have some rust on one pin on each buckle - but superficial. Does not affect use and should last many more years with salt/heat/abuse. This is an older model. They make them all SS now.

I ordered new SS one for Kim and a backup/replacement for mine - but ended up getting regular out of old stock. They have a weird online ordering system where you aren’t buying from them, but a dealer who bids on the order - which sucked as I was buying direct specifically to ensure I got the new SS ones.

IR took them back directly and replaced the parts with SS to make things right.

The Dagger ones on eBay are almost surely not all SS - but I wouldn’t be concerned. The main difference is they don’t seem to have the extra web straps which allow attachment option if you don’t want the ratchet straps. I like the ratchets (though never adjust now - but was great dialing it in - straps are nice) and use the web straps to attach to rear of my seat to control position and height. Pretty handy - but for the price break of those Daggers I’d just rig other straps.