Backcountry canoeing LBL

Looking to do a multiple day canoe trip on Land In between the Lakes, KY. Any advise on where to rent a canoe for 2/3 days? Any advise on where to camp?

Also - can we rdink the water if we filter it? I read some mixed reviews on water quality.

Open to other locations also. Looking for destination ~5H from Cincinnati

Thank you!

Depending on what filter you have
We have one that will filter mud puddles

Jack L

LBL has several nice campgrounds with showers , level camp sights ETC. Camping is aloud any where along the LBL shore line with Back Country Camping permit. The water in Kentucky Lake is a lot cleaner then Barkley Lake. Don’t know of a canoe rental in the area. The winds can pick up pretty good in the afternoon on Kentucky lake making paddling a canoe a bit of a chore at times.

I agree
with Jackl and dgf comments. I asked my brother who lives near and works on Ky Lake about canoe rentals. The only one he knew of was at Energy Lake and that required keeping the canoe on Energy lake and ran $10/hr rental fee. Energy lake is inside of LBL.