Backdeck Roll

Whoo hoo, I finally hit the backdeck roll. Mine is not as pretty as alex’s yet, but I definitely came up a couple times. In my surf boat I have a hard time with the not getting my head wet, but after not getting it for a while and then finally seeing alex’s video I hit it!

Also I got to try out an island waveski. Holy crap those things are faaaast. Compared to a decked surf boat they seem very fast. I better not try one when I have any money in my pocket.

Just got back from the pool myself. I had a pretty good night, but not near so good as you. Congratulations.

Good deal!

I just got mine last week in the pool. After 10 of them on the same side I started to experiance some pain in my shoulder so I stoped. I never have a problem with my other rolls. Is there anything I could do different. I have heard that you should expect back deck rolls to be more stressful, but my rule is if it hurts you should probable only do it when it will prevent more pain (i.e. face+rock)


you’re are doing a Styr (high brace reverse) roll rather than a back deck (low brace roll). There is more of a tendency in the high brace position to over reach and over extend the shoulder.

One way to tell is whether you are looking to the sky or to the bottom when doing the roll. If you’re looking up, then you are doing a Styr. If you looking down and end up look at the deck and/or water, you doing a backdeck roll.



Obviously I’m a big fan of the backdeck roll due to it’s speed and smoothness. Now try it in the Silhouette with your GP!

working up to it.

Where can I find Alex’s video?
I have a link to an irish video and some picture links at other sites. thanks

Link inside