Backpack for kayak portaging

I asked a similar question back in 2007 or so, and didn’t receive much feedback. Maybe more folks are combining kayaking and portaging these days.

Most logical choices at the moment seem to be from among the Granite Gear canoe portage bags (Quetico, 3.5, 4.0, etc.), but I’m wondering whether anyone has identified any other choices which would be light, quick to load, capable of 4,000+ CuIn., decent suspension for portages up to 2 miles? Due to my size and age, assume one trip for kayak, a second for the bag full of lightweight camping gear.

A few options

Here are some others

Kayak Academy’s mesh rucksack
Looks like they included the e-mail I sent to them; I don’t have any vested interests in suggesting this product, though. I have yet to use it on a kayak camping trip–first time will be in late spring. Looking forward to hauling my gear between kayak and camp in only two trips!

Mesh Rucksack capacity?
Wondering whether you think this mesh rucksack would hold up to a 60 lb load for portages?

I had considered using a “decoy bag,” which is constructed of similar mesh, would be very lightweight, consume very little room in the kayak, but the straps and construction are not geared for the weight I expect to portage. Decoys are very light for their volume.