Backpacking Stoves

I’m looking for a single burner backpacking stove that will work with my 12" skillet. I have an MSR Dragonfly, which I otherwise love, but the 12" skillet seems to keep it from getting enough air and causes it to sputter and go out. I specifically want a liquid fuel (white gas, or multi-fuel) stove. I’d especially like to hear from anyone who actually successfully uses a 12" skillet with a backpacking stove.

I have been using the Coleman Road Trip with the skillet, but mine just died and I’d like to replace it with a smaller liquid fuel type stove.

svea 123 is the ultimate

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imho, its hot, fast, easy, burns multi fuels, compact etc. mine is 30 + years old, and as dependable as a brick : ) the only criticism i've heard is it sounds like a little jet engine, which i guess it is. also its beautiful in brass especially if you have the perforated wind screen. i lost my screen when i integrated the stove into into my sigg tourist cook set, which has a wind screen included. mine is like this but not shiny and lotsa dents

I switched to a Coleman Feather 400
To fry fish and use larger pots. My small propane was just too unstable and wouldn’t simmer well…

I have two, plus the Sigg, but Danny,
advising people to go looking for a Svea 123 is kind of cruel. Their odds of actually getting one on E-bay are not good.

spoken as a true believer
yes its like trying to get a deal on an airstream. AND its a great backpacking stove, several are listed on ebay. the last new price i saw for one was around $70 and worth it compared to what else is available.

Agree, SVEA is a great stove.
my son adopted mine and I’ve been looking for another.


stove tip
Fold over the top inch or so of the MSR windscreen so it is not as close to the bottom of your skillet. Just need some airflow.


Svea 123 or Optimus 8R
Ah’ got both. Bought dem about 35 years ago(about $10 apiece new.) Both still work great. Can’t beat dat! Good luck finding one… ah’ ain’t gonna let mine go.


Similar hint
Similar hint is to use the windscreen but just don’t completely enclose the stove. It you leave it as a 3/4 circle, you’ll still get the windscreen benefit but you’ll provide enough airflow. I have used a 12" skillet this way on the Dragonfly without a problem.

The Dragonfly is a great stove and supports big pans/pots very well. Give it another shot.

I don’t have any problems using
my Dragonfly with a skillet.

Svea 123

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Here be a place dat still sells dem... but at almost $100! Wew we!

no problems
here either.

I use the windscreen and close things up pretty tight. No problems with the flame. You may even have to check the stove and maybe perform a field strip/clean. Sputtering isn’t a problem typically associated with a skillet, unless you have a good breeze blowing under it, which a windscreen would solve.

thanks elmo!
i’m glad to see they’re still available. i got mine in 1973 and it was expensive then too, its all relative. hey, remember when coffee was extolling the svea military surplus alchohol stove, i think they were very inexpensive. do you know a source for them? i think coffee’s source was "’ but i couldn’t find one.