Backsurfing the Longboat for Giggles and Rolls

Small surf on a Monday Afternoon. No one else around. Figure I let myself do some back surfing with the kayak. Not sure back surfing skills add anything vital to a paddling repertoire. But what the heck? Just for giggles and rolling practice. :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:




good on ya
what’s the temp (air, water)?
My ‘warm weather’ acclimated body stays out of the surf in the cooler temps.

Relatively “warm” conditions (for me), with air temp around 45 and water temp at 41.5. More important (to me), the wind was light at maybe around 5 mph offshore.

I get out way more in the off-seasons than in the summer, as long as the ocean is NOT frozen. So, I am acclimated to cooler conditions.


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Nice! Is that Solas tape on your GP?

Not sure if it is SOLAS. Has mini printing - “US - DOT”, on top of a prismatic design. Actually thicker than I would like. I prefer the thinner 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape, but haven’t been able to find any yellow in recent years. The 3M is light but conforms well to curvy surfaces. The yellow decal on my blue helmet is made with 3M yellow reflective tape. It has lasted well, this being about 15 years of using that helmet.

The “DOT” tape is holding fairly well on the Gearlab paddle. But that section of the blade is pretty flat. On more curved surfaces, the edges of the DOT want to lift off a bit.


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Nothing like some good old window-shading fun, Sing!!

Why don’t you come on down to Myrtle Beach this spring for some warmer water and surf? The Great Whites are congregating offshore so you know the water temps are good!! (about 54 now)

Scott L


Thanks for the invite! Increasingly, find myself not into taking long drives to wet the paddle and hull. You should take some video and share. Love watching others doing their thing!


BTW, ocean storm forecasted for southeast Atlantic and then making its way up to northeast. Surf’s up for most of this week!


Dang…and I don’t have a boat yet! :frowning_face: