Backyard Lunar Eclipse

Some may say it takes a lunatic to get up at 3:20 am, and stay outside in the cold for the next 2 hours. Others might understand. I say a retired inquisitive elder can do as he pleases, if he doesn’t make individual one mad. Here are a few photos in the order they were taken. Show them to your individual one if you dare.

The night of the full moon, and coyotes were heard howling in the distance…

It became cloudy. Accompanied by the question of what the future might hold.

Later things became clearer, and isn’t the cosmos a wonder.


We stayed up to watch it. Out here that means we were just crawling into the hammock at around 02:30.

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In great shadowy space light still will trace,
it shall draw in reflective loon,
as its laughter is played a mirth of earth throws shade,
then heaven flashes us the bloody moon.
We stare with smile reading sacred rune.

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This loon enjoys a good rune tune. Thanks for the reflection.

From a full moon - to a new moon - all within a short paddle.

I’d heard there was an eclipse coming up, but had no idea when.
Went out for my daily paddle, starting at 2am (my body-clock starts the day a few hours earlier than most).
There were wifty clouds out, but could see the moon fairly clearly.
After some paddling, I noticed that there seemed to be one cloud over a little piece of the moon - but the cloud did not move.
Finally made the connection after a few minutes - the eclipse.
I saw the moon shrink more and more over the next 2-1/2 hours of my paddle.
As I was finishing, I think I saw a bit of light from the moon coming out again, though it was more cloudy at this point, couldn’t tell for sure.