Bad bad bad polyester!

Funny how it got a bad name. Now it’s called technical fabric’s and a bunch of other things. I did learn from kayaking good bye cotton shirts and socks at work.

Diolen, a polyester cloth, is often used to strengthen composite kayaks in certain parts of the structure. It has been called “poor man’s Kevlar” although the properties are different.

I was speaking more in the way of clothes.

When not on the water and it’s hot and humid … cotton rules.
Maybe a little poly in the winter.

Once upon a time polyester was horrid. Now it’s wonderful, especially in fleece. I also like nylon; I have shorts and shirts that you can swim in and they’ll dry out completely in about half a minute.

Cotton is only good as long as it’s dry. Once it’s wet, it stays that way and sags and clings to you.


Back in the day I think that smarmy guy in the polyester suit who had to know if your current insurance carrier makes you happy gave the fabric a bad name. But we’re over that now… Just remember that when the paddling’s done and you’re stoking up the campfire, you’re wearing something akin to napalm.

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When you live in a place where it is summer nine months of the year and the humidity is thick enough to take a chainsaw to cut, you learn to love the new polyester cloths.

Wear cotton and the sweat stays in it all day, the polyesters don’t hold as much water and dry so much faster.

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Worst thing is cotton socks. You end up with toe nail problem.