Bad News, Good News !!

Good news, I am on the way to the put in and it’s a work day.

Bad news, I realize just a few miles from the boat ramp that I didn’t bring the keys to my Thule Rocket box.

More bad news, pfd, paddle and just about everything I need is in the box.

Good news, my friend say’s he can get in with a drill.

Good news, I have a drill in the truck with me.

Bad news, no drill bits.

Good news, my other friend is running late.

Bad news, it looks like we are going to drive a screw driver into the lock and trash it in the process.

Good news, Thule is great about replacing parts and it wont be that bad to get one.

Bad news, wont be able to close the lid for the drive home once we hack the lock.

Good news, I have a an extra tie down strap and we can wrap it around the box for the drive home.

Good news, I decide to try some other Thule keys I have and even the master from another Thule rack system.

Bad news, none of them work.

Great news, as a last resort I try a Yakima key that is still on my key ring from years ago. It works fine.

My box is open.

Bad news, My yakima key works, leaving me thinking there are many other yakima keys that will also work. hmmmmmm


Bad news…
thieves don’t need keys.

Good news…
Go paddling and forget the news for a while. :slight_smile:


PS: I think I’ll take my own good advice now!