Bag with wheels for Inflatable Kayak?

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Hey everyone,

New to Kayaking and recently purchased the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak, figured it would be easier to store living in NYC.

However, at 50lbs it's still a chore to move around. I thought deflated it might fit into my wheeled baseball gear bag, but upon arrival it appears bigger. A quick search online hasn't found a wheeled bag specifically for transporting an inflatable kayak. Does this exist? And if so, what do you recommend?

luggage dollies

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Feathercraft makes a dolly frame with wheels to attach to their folding kayak duffel bags. I notice they are temporarily out of stock on it, though.


have one but have to admit I have not used it since I sold my heaviest folder 6 years ago.

There are folding luggage dollies that I see all the time in places like TJ Maxx in their travel accessories departments that would work for this:

You can also buy rolling duffel bags that are big enough for a good sized collapsible kayak.

Thanks I’ll give it a look.

Hi do you still have your feathercraft pack cart. Interested in selling it?


I think I do still have it but it’s way in the back of the big walk-in closet where I store all my sports gear. I don’t have any use for it anymore since I don’t use the Feathercraft backpack any more (got a large rolling duffel to use instead when the coating started to peel off the inside of the backpack). If I find the cart it you can have it if you are willing to pay for shipping – it breaks down into sections so it should not cost much to mail it. It’s really just a rectangular frame that slides into the back panel of the backpack with wheels on it. It is specifically for that backpack so unless you had something similar it would likely not be usable. If I can dig it out, I’ll post photos and dimensions so you can judge for yourself.

I have big kahuna in Feathercraft pack.

I’ll try to dig it out – I got it when I had a Kahuna so I know if will fit if you are using the FC backpack.

Unfortunately that walk in closet is long and deep, more of a mini attic, and since it is off my guest room/office/craft room and I had a couple of visitors this Fall, I ended up shoving all my assorted projects in there to tidy up. It will take some heavy lifting and sorting to work my way deep enough to where I last saw that dolly frame. It’s something I need to do anyway, since there is a lot of stuff in there I need to get to. Good project for this week since I am not doing anything for the holidays this year. And no doubt I will unearth all kinds of cool stuff in there that I forgot I owned, which will be like Christmas!

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As an almost-hoarder I know fully the joys of finding lost treasures.

Skimpy xmas here to. Normally I go on puget sound paddle and then have pho. Not this year.

Maybe next year a sea of Cortez paddle in my Feathercraft followed by tamales!

I got your email in my normal inbox. Hope this comes to your inbox.

Hobie inflatables come with a decent wheeled bag. But they have the Hobie logo which ups the price about 10X! Maybe there is a used one out here somewhere?

I’m pretty sure you could go to just about any discount store and find a 36" or 40" nylon rolling suitcase that would fit it.

Vern, sorry – have not forgotten about looking for the FC roller frame. Have gotten part way into that big walk in closet (more like a deep mini attic with a lot of shelved and stacks of boxes in the middle). I still think it is back in there, just shoved way behind stuff I have not reached yet. One problem is I keep finding boxes of cool junk I had forgotten about and get distracted going through it.

Ok. Thanks for update. Keep digging. More treasures to be discovered

If you send me cart, I’ll send you another box of really cool stuff

I need to find it first. I still have not tackled the storage room where I believe it is languishing. But I just promised to send something to my brother that is also buried in that hoard so I do have to tackle it this weekend.

I have a question – how has your Feathercraft backpack held up? The one that came with my 2007 Wisper had massive delamination of the waterproof coating about 4 years ago. It seemed to break up following the lines in the ripstop fabric and then peeled off in flakes. It’s still usable (in fact, it seems kind of weird that they used waterproof fabric for a bag made to carry a boat) but looks like hell. I turned it inside out and used a stiff fiber brush to remove the loose bits but it’s kind of a bummer that it failed that way. I’ve used and abused outdoor gear of all kinds for over 50 and worked in the retail biz for a while, but never saw this kind of material failure. Especially surprised at this since I rarely used the backpack for travel, preferring a large duffel bag. It mostly lived on a shelf in my basment.

My kahuna is new to me. Both the boat and the pack are in very good condition. I think the kayak wasn’t used much.

I will learn from you and watch for the bag delaminating