Baha and Belize question

Has anyone been to both places, and if yes which has the better paddling opportunities?

I am not talking about guided trips, but going it on our own.

We are thinking of a year from now.

If you have been, I would like to pick your brain a little.

Thanks in advance,


I’ve Been to Both
places but not paddling. Can I carry your paddles for you when you go?

Happy Paddling,


Been to both places…
I have been out to several of the Belize Islands, but mostly as a daytripper from a lodge. I spent a week paddling Baja. Both places are superb paddling venues. Ask away!

Augustus Dogmatycus


Have only been to Belize, but
If you decide to go there I highly recommend two resorts. One has free kayaking (SOT, either on the ocean or in a mangrove-lined lagoon). The other has canoe paddling through a cave.

We stayed at two resorts owned by Francis Ford Coppola that can be found at this website:

Turtle Inn is on the coast, and that’s where we started out. It’s incredible, small, low-key, each “room” is a beautifully decorated palm-thatched cottage on the beach. The staff is friendly, unimposing. The snorkeling on the beach side is good, and they have excursions you can take for wildlife watching, snorkeling, diving, fishing, to see mayan ruins. Use of the kayaks is free, and there is a huge beautiful mangrove-lined lagoon to paddle in. The price is pretty reasonable, yet you feel like you are in an exclusive small luxury resort. To show you how nice the atmosphere is, while we were there Sports Illustrated was doing a shoot for the swimsuit edition. Oh yeah, my wife was thrilled about that. At one point we were eating dinner and looked over and saw the model had started to change swimsuits, and stopped to do something else, so was standing around topless. I can’t guarantee your trip will be THAT good if you go there, but I can guarantee you’ll love it.

Blancaneux is up in the mountains, and though very different, is very cool too - hiking, swimming in waterfall pools, rainforest tours, tours to even bigger MAyan ruins, etc.

Headin’ to Belize
on December 20th. We’ll be bringing our camping gear in hopes of finding some out of the way places to explore by canoe / kayak. Not sure where we will be going or staying. For a small country, there are lots of things to do and see!

I’ll probably post some kind of trip report and some pictures in mid January.

Never been to Baja.


Are you going to camp or do day trips?
If you are going to camp, Baja may be your best bet. Incredible beaches along the Sea of Cortez, especially in Baja Sur. If you are going to stay in a resort and do day trips, either one would be an amazing time.

Two types.

We haul a small travel trailer which is our base camp and then we take off on yak packing trips (multi day or just overnighters) with our back packing tent and kayaks/canoe.



Hey Jack
If you are driving, I know there is lots of unrest on mainland Mexico. Baja is really a pretty safe place, especuially south of Ensenada. For what you plan on doing, Bahia de Los Angeles would be a great place. Email me off the board anytime you like.

We were just discussing this morning the danger of driving down the other side of Mexico and if we get the reports that we think we might, will probably opt for Baha.

It is early yet to start officially planning, but I will deffinately be talking to you.

Much appreciated.


Baja is heaven on earth for paddling
Never been to Belize but if you have a chance to paddle on the Sea of Cortez you will never regret it. Peace Joel