Bahamas kayak rental or tour???

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I’m going to Grand Bahama in February and would like to know what my options are.

I was there about 2 years ago and the only thing I could find was a guided tour in a tandem 'yak (

The tour wasn’t bad but I’d like to find something a bit more adventurous and less “guided”, maybe even a place where I can rent a couple of single seaters and just go explore for a few hours.

I’m staying in a non-resort time-share that doesn’t have much in the way of amenities (other than 5:00 happy hour) and I probably won’t have a rental car.

I’ve found a couple of high end resorts that rent kayaks but I don’t know if I’d be able to rent from them if I’m not a guest and they’re probably overpriced anyway.

Any suggestions???


If you’re just planning on excursions of a few hours, then maybe get a couple of single inflatables. Not too expensive, easy to transport and they’ll do the job.

Buy a folding kayak.

I went there for the first time
last winter. I was in Nassau, and the only places on the whole island that rented kayaks were the resorts, and they wouldn’t let you out of the roped off bouy area 50 yards offshore. I’m sure there’s somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Good luck.

Maybe a day tour from a ship?

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I have heard of kayaking vacations in the Caribbean, but they seem to be a deal where you go down on a cruise ship and they set off for day trips in SOT's. As to the resorts, probably the same as Cozumel/Mexico - pieces of crap that you can't take beyond the ropes.

Perhaps you can find a day trip from a ship that'll actually let you get somewhere?

By the way, if you do plan to get up close and personal with that water bring Benadryl and PepsidAC. Both will be needed if there is rough weather that kicks jup bits of red coral and or brings in jellyfish unless you are unusually resistent or have taken the shot. My sister got nailed on our second day there while snorkeling and had a tough time. I had plenty of Benadryl so she could at least get some sleep at night, but it was incomplete in its effect without the PepsidAC which we couldn't replicate there.

Grand bahama
I suggest going to other and much moe enjoyable isalnds in the bahamas (abacos, exumas, eluthera, etc.) Sorry to sound sarcastic but i have many years in these areas

I’ve seen several tours on the other smaller islands and while I’d love to go, that’s not an option for me this time since I’m staying in a friend’s time-share for free and won’t have time to go to another island.

Guess I’ll stick to snorkelling and rum drinks!