I’m going to be at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas at the end of July. Has anyone ever gone Kayaking there? Are there Kayak rentals within walking distance of the resort? Any suggestions?

jbcnyc — good luck
I was in Freeport Bahamas this past March. I did not see any kayak or paddlesport rentals there. That is not Nassau though. The ocean is fairly choppy in Freeport, and I think but could be wrong that Nassau near Atlantis is even worse yet–more of an island peninsula. The Atlantis likely has rentals of some pokey sit on top that will make you feel like you’re paddling a barge up the Hudson River against current. But as for actual adventure paddling of any significance, I think you’ll have to bring your own folding kayak.

Yes, but they are SOT boats.
You’ll enjoy the Atlantis Resort though… Have fun…


Paddled in tortola and got lost becasue should have gone 400 yds from shore and looked back to see which shack with pepsi sign i rented the boat and go 800 yards and do a 360 and go a mile and do 360. I love putting plat hydration pack on pfd for ocean paddling so can be handsfree. And need lots of water, If windy please consider how old ww helmets are cool and keep your hat and shades on. Also you need shoes that will stay on if you swim such as low tops laced way up around ankles. Take your own paddle and many get rash from saltwater. Vaseline or some lotion keeps from rubbing. Check tide charts becasue they can be alike a hard wind and current aginst you.

January 2006
I rented a tandem SOT in Freeport.