Bailing sponge

Okay, I know I saw a thread about this not too long ago, but I can’t find it! Someone was talking about a very absorbent sponge that would pick up a quart of water. What was it and where do I find it?

synthetic dogbone from

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autozone seemed to be cheapest for good quality. synthetic dogbone from west seemed more money for same thing, These require immersion and some back pressure, (leaving hand on it while it expands).

the vicose covered sponges available here at the store will indeed soak up a quart of water without back pressure but the are not as fast. supports brent and this place, good value.

for those who must have the best regardless of price or environmental impact, glue two marine sponges together with marine goop. Or find one big one. not cheap but the best.

Brother Coffee recommends a package of large cellulose sponges from a discount store, which do not last but are cheap!

there ya go!

Consider a short leash and a toy carabiner to keep it around.

Thanks, peter!

the “Sponge”

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hey... that was me who posted that sponge quest. a couple weeks ago... the gist of my responses was that any exp. "yaker" carried a sponge as part of his /her boat entourage ... so as skeptical as I am /was about the claim I'll probably get one and give it a go ..."A mans gotta do - what a mans gotta do "...! "Yak" on...

What a relief
I was not looking at that from that angle. Store
It’s in the store, in the Gear & Safety section:



REI has a really good one made for bailing.

“Bilge Sponge” from Outdoor Play
takes up to 32 oz. of water at one time. I can bail by kayak out in minutes with this thing.

It is only $7.00 and it is tougher than heck.


It’s the same sponge you can buy right here at for the same price:

Of course you won’t get the logo on your sponge if you buy it from REI, but you will get to pay twice as much for shipping.


I’m so pleased with my first one,
I believe I’ll order another!

Thanks, Brent.


Well, the bilge sponge it is then!
Thanks for all the replies!

(Still don’t understand why I couldn’t find the earlier thread with a search?)

This reminds me I need a couple more.
The low shipping cost enticed me to purchase two more (I have a son and daughter who paddle). Only $2.95 for shipping let me buy an extra.

Thanks for the tip!