Bait container

I’m using an aerated bait bucket in my Ocean motorized ack. The only place I can set it is I my lap. Any suggestions on something more user friendly. I’m using it for live shrimp. Thanks, yaknewby

Where would you like it to be?
Since you are asking the question, I’d assume that there must be a place in the boat where you would like it to be. If so, can you build a bracket to hold it there? Anything is possible if you decide to make it (building materials could be wood, stiff wire, PVC…). It could be like a giant cup holder, but with three or four fingers for side supports to reduce overall bulk instead of a round enclosure, though if you have something round and the proper size that you can cut up for this purpose, that would do. Then you can lift the bucket out of the bracket and put it in your lap when grabbing bait, but it’s not in your way the rest of the time.

Live Shrimp
Take a six pack cooler and fill it half way with ice. Put 5 0r 6 layers of newspaper on top of the ice, lay the shrimp on top of newspaper. Do not let the shrimp touch the ice.

The ice will slow down the metabolism of the shrimp, requiring less oxygen to live and they will last all day. The shrimp will look dead, but they are just stunned. As soon as they hit warm water they will spring to life.

This should give you more room in your boat.