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I have heard wonderful things about kayaking and snorkeling in Baja California. I have 3 weeks, last 2 of December and first week of January. I’l love to go to Baja with my Tsunami. And would like to find like minded paddlers interested in making a caravan. I am fluent in spanish…Anyone have any experience in Baja or suggestions, etc? I live in Asheville, NC. will it really take a week to drive there?

I have done several expeditions on the
Sea of Cortez. How long it takes to get there depends on where you go. In my opinion, the best kayaking in Baja is between Mulege and Loreto. It takes two long days from Tiajuana to get to Mulege, and that’s with no time to stop and explore on the way. Loreto is another 80 miles. Are you planning to camp? From your Tsunami? Or are you planning to do day trips? Stay in hotels? Palapas? Do you want to stay in a different place every night or two, or do you want to plant someplace and take day trips? I can give you lots of recommendations, but I need to know a bit more about what your plans are and what level of comfort/luxury you have in mind. You’re welcome to email me back channel if you like.

lots of driving for some great paddling
Hey thanks, for the reality check, maybe I don’t want to travel in my 4runner 12 days both ways hard driving for 5 days paddling…I guess better option is to fly there and rent a boat but bring my werner paddle and life jacket.

I think I will stay closer to NC, like maybe go to Louisiana swamps. OK, thanks for helping me decide. er, I could kayak and snorkel florida keys. have you ever paddled from key largo to the reefs and then snorkel and paddle back to shore same day…what…maybe 3-4 miles out one way?

Thought I’d mention a book

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I thought I'd mention a book you might enjoy called Kayaking The Vermilion Sea (Eight Hundred Miles Down The Baja) by Jonathan Waterman ISBN 0-684-80242-2.