Baja/ Espiritu Santo question

My family and I are all experienced paddlers, and we are planning a trip to Baja this December for my dad’s 70th. We’d like to kayak around Espiritu Santo (off of La Paz) but have read that, due to newer regulations, you need a guide to do so. All the guiding services we have found online are part of a full tour package; we would ideally just want the bare minimum, one guide and no perks, just as though it were a self supported trip other than having a required guide along. Anyone know of services like that in the area?

I know that you now need a permit to paddle and camp on the island, I’m not sure where you get the permits but I would ask that agency if they know of any qualified guides that do what you want. I would not rule out going with a “full tour package” unless you are bringing your own gear you may find the “local guide” to be lacking in equipment or resources if you have an emergency. Several years ago Aqua-adventures in San Diego and Southwinds in Orange county used to do guided trips, but they either no longer exist or now are just local rental stores. The Sea of Cortez can have challenging conditions that develop rapidly so make sure your level of experience matches sufficient local knowledge for rescue if things go wrong. I am not sure if you have dealt with official agencies in Mexico, but it is a very different situation if you need help.

Try Paddling South, an organization related to Ginni Callahan and Sea Trek (full disclosure, I work for Sea Trek in California). They normally work our of Loreto, but do the type of trips you are looking for (minimally supported), so maybe could set you up.