Baja Kayak Camping

My husband and I are paddling and camping in Baja late April into May and wondered if others could give some sleeping bag advice. Would a light weight summer sleeping bag (synthetic) be the best bag? All we have are down–pretty warm bags. Thanks in advance for any advice you can lend. Cheers.

For baja…
A lightweight 20 degree bag is sufficient, either down or synthetic. A low tech bivy sac also works great to keep the wind out if you’re not using a tent. I spent a winter paddling in baja and really loved sleeping out in the open under the moon and stars. Used a tarp during the day for shade and slept wherever I wanted on the beach at night.

Have a great trip…

Depends on how warm/cold you sleep
A number of years ago I paddle/camped Baja for 10 days during the spring - about a month earlier - late March to early April. I took a 40 degree down bag (packing into the kayak hatch down compresses much better than synthetics) and was never cold.

Some evenings the bag was half zipped, other evenings totally zipped. 2 nights on the beach w/o the tent.

Now what you take should depend upon how much heat you need - do you sleep warm or cold? I tend to sleep warm, so I didn’t bring a winter or even spring bag - I brought a summer bag.

Have a great trip - that’s some nice paddling.