Baja maps... charts

We plan to kayak most of the sea of cortez side of the baja peninsula. At least from Bahia de Los Angeles south to La Paz. Probably north of Bahia de Los Angeles to Puertecitos as well. Does anyone know of a collection of maps that would help us?

This may help

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Cunninghams Baja Cruising Guides are the standard for Baja sailors.

Fish-n-Maps publishes two Baja maps (north and south) on plasticized paper. The maps show water depth and fishing tips as well as more general info.

I have used their maps of other places for kayaking and found them very useful even though I don’t fish.

Map Book
There’s a good topo map book you can find in some CA kayak shops. It’s GPS friendly. Mine is packed away. We just moved into our new house and I don’t know where it’s at or I’d give you the name of the publisher. I used mine to paddle from Aqua Verde to La Paz and found it very helpful. What I like most is that it’s good for the drive down as well as paddling.

Contact Aqua Adventures

Ask them how to obtain the Baja maps by Ed Gillet. As I understand Aqua Adventures was sold by Ed to the current owners. They sometimes have copies of his maps available.

I used the Coastal Adventures
Maps and found them really useful when I paddled from Mulege to Loreto. You can get them at

Good News /Bad News
I found my map book. According to their web page they are sold out for this year. These are by far and away the best maps for Baja. Nothing else comes close.