Baja! Pinned down by the wind

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Hi everyone,

With winter firmly planted at my doorstep (lotsa snow tonight) I started building short videos of our most recent Baja/Sea of Cortez kayak adventures.

Here's a short clip of Brian and I pinned down for nearly 4 days by a norther. That land mass behind me in the video is Isla Ángel de la Guarda ...



Great Stuff!
We just did that strech and were windbound at Calamajue. The wind died for the trip into LA bay. The Wall was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be but the wind can get you anywhere in Baja.

Hey Joel,

I watched your video on Youtube - what an adventure you guys had! You ought to post a link to your video here in these forums too for all to enjoy…

Yeah, the Wall was intimidating, but then we had heavy winds, except one day where it was smooth as glass.

We saw a number of bobcats and a coyote - hard to believe that any large mammal can live in that environment.

When are you guys going to finish the paddle to Cabo?!


how did your food hold out?
My thought is if you were wind bound for too long you would be living on rattlesnakes and drinking your own urine. Any problems with your rations?

I think Rick is looking at he mainland
side. Hanks done. I’ll do it when the oportunity presents itself!

Rest of the way?
Hey Greg -

Hank and I have now done San Felipe to La Paz. I’m interested in doing Isla Cerralvo, but not in going all the way to Cabo. The surf stories I’ve heard about the East Cape are pretty intimidating. I’d also be interested in doing the midriff crossing.

Jon’s question about provisions is interesting. On each leg of the trip (i.e. each resupply) we always allowed for the number of days it would likely take us to paddle the distance between point A and B, and then added a back up of three days extra water and food, just in case we got windbound. Although there have been exceptions, it seems like three days is generally the max that El Norte will blow. We never had a problem, except that it felt to me like we were carrying way too much water.