Baja Sea of Cortez tide tables

Anyone know where I can order some tide tables online for the Sea of Cortez? I need them to cover the period 18 Dec 05 through 27 Mar 06.

I’ll be driving down from Canada through LA and SD so I can also stop somewhere along the way.

Any help would be greatly apprecaited!

Safe paddling,


Answered my own question…
If any needs them they are available from - under $10. Good from Oct 1 through 30 Sep of the following year.

Living On The Beach
If you end up living on the beach you’ll get to know them without a chart.

There sure seems to be a lot of Canadians that go the Baja.

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I guess I am a bit slow! I have spent 6 months over two winter camped on beaches in Baja. If you aksed me when high and low tides were I wouldn't be able to tell you. Perhaps that is partially because the area of Baja Sur that I normally haunt has minimal tide action. However, I want to paddle a good strech of the coast this winter and there are some sections where knowing the tides precisely would be real handy.

You are right there are tons of Cannuks in Baja. Must be the three feet of snow at home that drives us away...=-) I have only been home for 1 winter out of the last 5 and I hope to keep the ratio low...=-)

It Could Just Be Me
I have to admit I pay strict attention to tides when camping along the coast. That means paying close attention to my watch.