Baja this October or November

Interested in making a trip there this fall. Whole trip about 2 weeks.

I haven’t paddled salt water, or been to Mexico, but have done some multi-day trips, am an experienced wilderness camper, and and I think a pretty good trip partner.

I’d like to do a decent tour, but preferably one with moderate tides/currents, exposure and mileage.

Any advice on trips, or interest in joining me? I’d prefer a partner at least as experienced, would be very interested in joining a group of experienced paddlers. I’m self-sufficient and wouldn’t be a pain in the ass.

You need some ocean paddling experience
I would recommend that you find an outfitter to do a trip with.

The outfitter that does instruction is Aqua-Adventures in San Diego, and their trips are really great on the Pacific Coast. Problem is you do not have the skills to participate so you would want to find some way to take some classes first.

There are several outfitters that do beginner tours on the Sea of Cortez. Google around until you find one that is highly rated.

Traveling in Mexico is not highly dangerous, but it is possible to get in a lot of trouble not with an organized group. The sea of cortez is pretty benign but there are huge tide changes and really strong winds. If you are an inexperienced ocean paddler you could find yourself in a lot of trouble, so best to go with an experienced guide in a group.

You could try
You could try Ginni Callahan is one of the principals there. Well known for higher level trips. Works out of Loretto on Sea of Cortez side. I’ve paddled the area twice (on tours both times) and found it to be a great area.