Baja trip

I am planing a trip through Baja this winter. I will be with a couple of friends in a camper. We want to bring our own kayaks but have heard that in most places they wont let you put in at many locations because you are not renting a boat from them. Is this true? If so, does any one have any suggestions about places in Baja that remain free to independent paddlers? Any advice or suggestions about our upcoming trip would be appreciated.

Most places will let you launch
if you are staying at their campground. They will even help you arrange shuttles. Camp Gecko on Bahia de Los Angeles is really kayak friendly. Once you get into Baja, keep going past Ensenada. It is much nicer and the theft rate is lower once you get through the border area. Have fun.

U can do it…
I think you can do it and has done it and he has post his stories on the But he has done it with the canoe a few times and his story is wonderful to read about his camping trip, canoeing and the fishings. You can email him and tell him that I thought he was the best guy to ask about it!


Many Times
I’ve been there many times with my kayak. Wouldn’t go there without one. Try Coyote Cal’s just north of San Quintin. It’s a hostel popular with surfers. If you’re going in Nov. you might see me there.

Coyote Bay, south of Mulege on the Sea of Cortez, is one of the most popular stops for kayakers on the peninsula. I’d call it a must for first timers.

If you have a good 4x4 truck with good tires Aqua Verde is a little fishing village south of Loreto that I fell in love with while kayaking. We’d give money to kids on the beach and they’d come back with fresh still warm totilla’s. It’s a fishing village so you can offer them money for fresh as it gets fish. Snorkelling in the area is excellent.

Villa de Loreto has some of the best RV spots I’ve seen in Baja. It’s right on the ocean and a short walk into Loreto. They can provide all the services you need for kayaking the Marine Park, which has restrictions.

Ask me quetions if you want. I love talking about Baja.