Anyone use this product? How did you like it?

Looks like an interesting addition, I HATE to clean camping pots.

This looks like it would eliminate that mess.

What do ya’all think?


I think it could work well for cooking
freeze-dried foods mixed with water in bags. That would mean no pot cleaning, but one would have to deal with the bag, either by cleaning it or by buring it up in the campfire, or by just rolling it up dirty and sealing it.

I am more sceptical of producing baked goods of normal texture and appearance. The texture of breads depends in part on some of the moisture being baked out of the core.

It works for baking, but doesn’t brown/crust things the way an oven does. It comes with some recipes. I’ve had the calzones, which are really very good, but don’t have a crunchy crust…more dumpling-esque, but not gooey. Hard to describe!

It’s worth it.

Now for cooking regular meals (not baking) you can just use a Reynolds cooking bag in a pot of water to eliminate scrubbing pots. Works great for pasta sauces.

Me too.
I hate cleaning pots, that’s why I’ve been a bag-eater for along time now. I have the BakePacker, and bring it on my longer trips because it adds a bit of versatility and variety to the menu. It works great.

Had one years ago

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Worked ok, if ah' recollects. Disappeared wit de ex-wife along wit de down sleepin' bag, snowshoes, etc., etc..... Boy, do ah' miss those snowshoes!


Our Bakepacker
Hi this is the 1st time I’ve ever written on this forum, but here I go. My wife and I have been using it now for over 3 years. But not kayak camping just getting started with that. Anyway have used it on quite a bit of hiking trips and love it. We usually get our food from Adventure Foods, which is especially made for the bakepacker. Like you and other people above “We don’t like the mess”. We have breakfast, dinner and dessert with our bakepacker. You have got to try the double chocolate chip cake. There is nothing in the world like it.

Seems like a double boiler
Scientific “heat pipe” explanations aside, I am reminded of my friend who cooks biscuit and muffin mixes in a covered pan that he drops into a pot with boiling water in it. Perhaps some of you bakepacker enthusiasts have tried both ways and can comment.

If you hate cleaning pots, get no-stick pots. You might also try cooking at home, put it in a bag, and warm the bag in hot water.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

I’m not clicking on that link at work
but it sounds like a totally…um sweeeeet product.

Wow man have you ever really looked at your hands.

Aroused your curiousity, did it?
Mine, too. But Bakepacker is actually a product for cooking food, not storing your, um…, dry goods. You’ll be okay going to the link at work. But I don’t know about this thread…all this talk about cooking pot, cleaning pots, using pots, etc. If there are keyword filters…