Baker Tent

I’m looking for baker tent constructed of modern materials. I can find plenty of (heavy) cotton canvas ones (generally expensive), and the MSR Missing Link is similar but pretty small. Is anyone aware of others?


Cooke’s Custom Sewing?
Have you checked with Cooke’s? They make several adaptable tarps and lean to set ups. They might have something that would suit as is, or might modify something for you. They have a solid reputation.

Not a Baker but good tent
Not a Baker but the Sierra Designs Bedoin great for two plus a large dog up to 4 canoeists, very wind resistant, taut, awning, ventilation, pretty light and compact. Might consider it.

I’ve sen the Horizon. It looks reasonable but is pretty pricey at $600+. I also found another MSR Trekker Tarp, which is moe of a Whelen type, it comes with a bug net for about $175, or so. That might be the best I can do.


Trekker Tarp
I own a Walrus version of the Trekker Tarp. It is a great, versatile tarp. The bug net is nice for the summer. Quality is excellent. Looks like the MSR is the same tent. Love the weight and packability. I have pitched it with canoe paddles/hiking poles and also hung it between trees. Have not experienced winds over 15 MPH in it yet, though.

Yes, MSR tents are derived from the Walrus and Moss lines they bought out. They have some differences from the originals, but virtually every tent in MSR’s line is a very close version of a Moss or Walrus. I have a list somewhere that I worked up with a CDI employee giving equivelents, if anyone is interested.