Bald eagle attacks goose!

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A couple of nights ago, I paddled with a friend on the Nicomekl River (near Vancouver, BC). As we were paddling along, two birds that we thought were geese approached directly from the front and flew only a couple of feet away from my friend at eye level. As the birds passed, we realized that it was a Canada goose being chased by a bald eagle! Within seconds of passing us, the eagle caught the goose and forced the goose into the river. The eagle then circled around and attacked the goose in the water.

The goose however, had other plans than being dinner and dove under the water just as the eagle extended it's talons for the attack. Meanwhile, I'm fiddling around changing lenses on my camera and got ready just in time for attack number three.

I managed to get a few shots of the 3rd attack as well as photos of attack number 4. In the end, surprisingly enough, the goose prevailed.

Photos are posted on my website:

Truly an amazing event to witness close hand.



What a rare look a real nature. Someimes the eagle survives by being successful in a hunt other times the prey survives, that’s just the way things are, but mostly humans seldomn witness the true drama of life. You were privileged to be there. One thing about paddling, it can get you back to the natural order quickly. I witnessed 2 golden eagles in aerial combat on the Upper Missouri, in the White Cliffs area once and was totally memmerized unlike any other time in my life.

Thanks for sending these pics out.


Eagle /Goose
Amazed the Eagle would attempt to take it on.

We have a Great Blue Heron Rookery on an island in the upper Niagara River and more than once I saw the pair of Bald Eagles perched in the top branches of the poplars and had a feeling I knew why they were there…

really cool pictures…

One fast diving goose!
But I’m rooting for the Eagle!



lucky goose… In maine, we were told a story of a bald eagle diving and diving and diving on an eider until the eagles last dive where the eagle knuckled onto the eider just as the eider dove … the eider AND the eagle dissappeared under the water… the people watched and watched until finally (unfortunately) the eagle bobbed up …floating … drowned. The observers never saw the eider come up. This is an accurate account.

Very good camera work. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Unreal !!
That is wild!! I have seen small black birds chase eagles away from there nest.I am shocked that he would try for a bird the size of a goose.

Another wow
Great shots.

That must have been something to see in person.

Almost cooked his goose.

Actually, I believe the scenario you’re
referring to is IN-FLIGHT, is that correct? Small birds are much more maneuverable in the air, and that’s why a small bird can chase an eagle away without fear. The same bird on the ground, however, with a swooping eagle coming after it, is probably dead meat if it can’t escape or dive under water.

I’ve seen barn swallows taking on crows, and black birds chasing away hawks and turkey vultures 5-10 times their size. I’ve seen the same hawks that were chased away, land in my yard with a smaller bird in its talons as a meal. All depends on the battle ground, and the predator has to choose the right one for success.

Sure beats TV!
Amazing experience for you, and amazing pics to share…THANKS!

Great Photos!
Marty Stouffer has nothing on you.

Amazing photographs! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to forward the link to a few friends.

thanks…good stuff

“Bald eagle attacks goose!” is not news
Goose attacks bald eagle!" is

Goose attacks bohemia!
I want pictures of that.

Flying carp attack Cool Doc!
film at eleven

That eagle was a program wash out
Down here about 100 miles South, we have a special training program for animals as part of Home Land Security. You see, we have a huge problem with illegal aliens from the North comming down here and messing up our millionaire waterfront lawns. These squatters have worn out their welcome long ago. Operation Goose Busters feeds goose meat to eagles, osprey, even dogs and lets them loose at the waters edge. Those that are a little near-sighted or slow, get released. Guess this one flew north. But paddlers and photographers like you are welcome any time. Great pix by the way.

Goose vs Eagle
Amazing! We have Eagles and Geese here but I’ve never seen the 2 go at it. I got to work this morning (at the marina where i work) and there were about 12 Geese on the front deck but no Eagles. Geese are tough and would be a hand full for an Eagle. Vaughn Fulton