Balls/Beads for Forward Bungee

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I’ve seen pics of kayaks with a bungee up on the foredeck, with balls or beads of some sort, apparently to allow easier stowage of a paddle. This seems like a smart idea, but I’ve never done it. I have some bungee and have been re-rigging my Caribou anyway. Any suggestions on what to use for those balls? Where to get the things? Etc.?



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Bungee Balls

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I use old ones from a canopy tarp. If any neighbors have a canopy they should have some old balls.

I also use clear non skid tape under the bungee to keep the paddle from scratching the deck.

I have carved small whales
with upturned tails and threaded the bungee thru them. Some in the club have carved beavers. Assorted plastic and wooden beads are available at hobby stores and West Marine too.

The clear heavy duty packing tape works well for scratch protection too.



Head to your local craft store
Wooden beads in 3/4" and 1" are readily available and inexpensive ($3.99 for bags of 27 and 18 respectively). You’ll need to enlarge the holes in them to accept your deck line or bungee, but they work great.

Here’s a link:

Whip it!
No dancing to Devo.

Really, just whip some 2mm cord around the bungee to make a 1/2" coil of cord around the bungee. No untying bungee that way. Also works great for closer bungees to make them easier to manipulate with gloves on.

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The River Connection, Inc.

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craft store
Michaels, Jo Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby. If you’re redoing your deck lines or bungees already it’s perfect timing.

loop for GP

If you have a Greenland paddle then a stiff, small, standing loop of line or bungee near the bow (and/or stern) is traditional and works very well, and is less hassle than balls, rollers, etc. The loop keeps the far end of the paddle in check, and you secure the other under your deck lines. I haven’t lost a spare with this setup, even for extensive surfing.

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Thank you all for a bunch of really good ideas.


They re sold individually in the sailing/rigging section at WestMarine.

prefer to just run the bungee thru some clear tubing. make the tubing long enough that the bungee stands up

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great idea!
cheap too.

I saw a photo once of somewhat who threaded their forward bungee cords through neon-colored whiffle-style golf balls. As I recall, they were used to be seen while inverted.

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