Balogh vs. Nomadic Express sail rigs

After not seeing any recent posts on this topic, I thought I’d see if anyone out there has any experience with either the Balogh sail rig with outriggers, or the Wildwasser Nomadic Express sail rig with similar outriggers. I hope to order one in time for spring paddling. I will be using this with a Prijon Kodiak on inland lakes. I found a video on the Watertribe site about the Nomadic sail rig, but haven’t found much about the Balogh rig. I sent at email to Balogh about a week ago, but they haven’t responded.

It looks as if the Balogh rig requires drilling a hole for the mast in the top of deck, while the Nomadic requires mounting plates fore and aft of the cockpit. The Balogh rig may also break down small enough to fit in the kayak when not in use, but I’m not sure about the Nomadic rig.

With either rig I’m curious to know if you can bring the kayak up on a plane with enough wind, or if you are limited by hull speed. I’d also be curious about the ability to paddle either one with the outriggers attached. Any info would be appreciated.

My experience
I ordered the Balogh in July and still haven’t got it. No email response from Mark, either. I wonder if he is still in business. Aside from that, I am pretty happy with the design and the features as described.

I’ll call before ordering
Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely call and talk to him before ordering.