Bannock in Fry Pan

Anyone ahve any experience making bannock in a Jet Boil fry pan … Fire ban in the BWCA has me looking in to this.


Just finished reading the reviews here.
There’s “not for frying” quotes all over the place. I haven’t used one but a fellow paddler did and as I recall, that little setup was a firecracker…a pint of luke warm water to boiling in a few minutes. I’ve made bannock before, and I don’t think you could get the heat low enough to pan fry.


Bannock in a fry pan
I am not familiar enough with the operation of a Jet Boil to know how it differs from a regular camp stove, so what I am about to say may not be applicable.

This is what I do with a “regular” camp stove. Rather than bannock I make biscuits. They are, after all, very similar. Form and flatten your biscuits slightly. Put in an oiled fry pan, cover, and put over medium heat (this is where a Jet Boil may differ, so you may have to experiment). Cook until the bottom is done and then flip it like a pancake, cover, and continue cooking. They come out like double bottomed biscuits – two bottoms; no tops.

Instead of Bannock, try this
If you don’t mind corn meal.

Take some corn muffin mix(jiffy). One egg, some mild to make the consistency you want. Fry them up like pancakes. Wrapped around a smoky link they are really tasty!!! Also good with most meats or butter and/or honey.

You can do it. I’ve cooked it in the same stove. Vaughn Fulton