Barbless lures

I’m interested only in catch and release fishing and looking for advice on barbless lures. Found the website does anyone know anything about them? Or have advice on where to purchase barbless hooks and lures. Alternate is to get a tool to remove barbs – Thanks Ray

that’s what I did all the time …
… when working the bay bridge for Stripers .

1-1/4 to 1-1/2 oz bucktails , 5 or 7 ought hook … always just smashed the barb down flat (pliers) , standard practice .


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Can't really comment on the web site you list, but i can comment on barbless fishing. i've been doing it for about 10 yreas now. Not only for ease of handling fish that i'm usually going to release, but for my own safety as well. i fish alone often. Far easier to remove a barbless hook from your hand.
That said, i'm sure i loose an occasional fish because of it, but i'm normally going to release them anyway. Also, 99 times out of a hundred, i can point to some other (bad hookset) factor as to why i failed to land a particular fish.
i don't buy barbless hooks or baits, but pinching and filing down the barbs is usually a simple task to perform. Something one could do during the winter season for example.

Good luck and good fishing.

Bob P.

No idea about the link.
Same as others. I use barbless hooks all the time. Pinch the barbs down with needle nose pliers. The barbs usually break off at the base. No harm done to the rest of the hook.

A Dremel will smooth them down and
help you sharpen them at the same time.

If using bait, use a circle hook too… Just don’t set the hook like you do with J-hooks. Simply start reeling.


Thanks for the responses

your fish might get away …
… if you give em some slack , but big deal … catch another one .

Even with barbed hooks there’s been a number of them that have thrown the hook … you won’t know how good a hook set was until the fish is in your hands .

I go one more step
I take the front trebles off my plugs most fish will hit the back trebles and the ones I don’t catch,Que sera sera. I only have to watch one set of hooks when lipping a fish.