Bare Ultra Dry Drysuit

Anyone here have any experience with these drysuits?

I’ve found one on Craigslist for $150, what do you guys think?

Bare drysuit
Some of my old windsurfing and kiteboarding friends have used these and like them. I would caution you however, it may not be made with breathable fabric; not so much of a problem for them, but for vigorous paddling, not ideal. Also fabric booties are better for paddling sports, since having bare feet is not important, and dry feet are a luxury with no downside.

If $150 is your price-point, then it might be worth it despite a few downsides. The thing in the description that jumps out at me is the “nylon zipper”. All the drysuits I’ve seen, even cheaper ones have metal zippers. I’d worry about whether a plastic one would hold up for very long.

Personally, I think I’d watch the classifieds here, and on any local paddling sites you have around you, and try to pick up a higher quality suit, used. You can get top of the line kokotat suits for $300-400 usually.

Have a similar ONeil made for
barefoot skiing and works well. Has w/proof neoprene lower half that fits snug like a wetsuit and seals pretty good to my high Chota boots, and fabric upper with cross-back metal w/proof zipper. Has worked good for my short coastal NC “swims” with just a bit of seepage. Cost about 400 now I think. Don’t know if I’d use it for cold northern waters though. R

Doesn’t look good

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It's not breathable, which means you are going to get soaked with sweat. No booties means wet feet. No covers over the seals means they'll die sooner from UV exposure. No waist tunnel means more leakage. No relief zipper know. The black color makes you less visible, which could be a liability.

Overall, it looks like a waste of money that could be put toward a a better suit.

I agree. 2 years ago I bought a cheap older wake-boarding dry suit for kayaking from ebay. While it sealed well and kept water out, I was just as wet on the inside with sweat and the lack of a relief zipper and wet cold feet got old fast.

"I was just as wet on the inside with sweat and the lack of a relief zipper"


Ok, that came out wrong…

Thanks for all the great advise, I talked to the guy and found out it has already been sent back to the manufacturer once for a seal repair and he has done some kind of repair on his own to the neck gasket. It does look like this was meant more for wakeboarding and the like…and not so much for paddling. So based on the info and advise that I’ve gotten, I will be passing on this one.

Thanks again for all the responses, you guys are always very helpful!