BARF Shark and Cobia Rodeo

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After Action review...

(BARF = Beaufort Area Redfish Flotilla)

What a great showing... A total of 23 Kayak Anglers showed up and enjoyed the South Carolina Lowcountry.. Of these 23, 15 made the trip to the launch site of the Shark and Cobia Rodeo, the remainder stayed and fished the Lagoon at Hunting Island.

Festivities started Friday night at the Cabin of Pescador (GKF) and his bride Paddlescakes, when I served a lowcountry specialty, Frogmore Stew (AKA...Lowcountry Boil) to all attendees present (18 or so) There were hours of fish lies...stories and beverages told and drank.

We had Anglers from Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina... North Carolina was noticeably missrepresented..

One Cobia was hooked, and lost kayak side, estimated at 25", so he would have had to have been released anyways...

The Sharks on the other hand were more than accomodating... Most anglers hooked and landed at least two, with myself and another landing over 6 each. The majority were Atlantic Sharpnose in the 24-36" range, though a couple were 40" (I know of one personally, and am waiting for pictures from the photographer of my last one to get the picture posted.)

One Bonnethead shark, not sure of the size, was caught, and one larger Blacktip, estimated at around 5' was hooked, and gave a spectacular aerial show before throwing the hook after a several minute fight.

Finally one HUGE Stingray, over 50 lbs, was caught and released.

Some Black Sea Bass, Whiting and Seatrout were also added to the mixed bag. About a dozen went to a local Micro-Brewery and Pub and had a meal and told fish lies err tales...

Over all, a GREAT day.

Now to plan for the BARF Fall Tourney and Waddell Research Center Seatrout Fisheries Fund Raiser, Veteran's Day Weekend.


Now that’s the stuff …
… that’s supposed to be posted on the “FISHING” board more often !! … stuff like that , “FISHING” … I was beginning to think hardly anyone is getting out and “FISHING” … oh , did I say “FISHING” , oh yea I did , sorry … sounds like it was a real great get together , never done anything like that with a group , “FISHING” , sorry couldn’t resist !!

I advertise two events a year here
for Kayak Fishing Gatherings in the South Carolina Lowcountry… Late May (Annual Beaufort Area Redfish Flotilla (B.A.R.F.) Cobia and Shark Rodeo) and Veteran’s Day (BARF Kayak Fishing Tournament)… As well as advertise for participation in CHEAP (

Well , even though I never …
… have been in a “yak” , I guess the yakers can’t be all that bad since they go “FISHING” … reckon those gatherings ain’t got no place for a “noe” though , huh ??

Heck yes… The rules are human powered
water craft…

One guy uses a surfboard to pole the flats in Florida…


Not many have ever posted about trips
and fishing experiences here. But, part of that is no photos…some think the fish story without the photo doesn’t mean much. Then, there’s what I’ve seen. I don’t fish for what’s seen as a glamour species. My target is catfish, largely because that’s the biggest and best catch in the lake that’s 2 miles away that I fish because I cannot afford to go farther afield. Posts about catfish do not get much response.

Hopefully, once photos are able to be posted on the website, the fishing forum will grow. But, its pretty difficult too because we are so spread out and target many different species.

Must be that typical Texan prudes. ;-p
Here in South Carolina, we have several people that post picture of their Catfish and Gar on our website.

Dang Texas prudes!


There’s a good response on, but not here. A friend regularly posts his gar fishing trips. He goes after the huge ones, 100 lb alligator gar and up. To date, his largest is 180 lbs. His most recent weighs and estimated 140. His trips gather a LOT of attention. Strangely, no one else has tried for the big gar. I like to fish for them, but its difficult to catch the big ones in lakes…to much territory for them to roam.

Ya know , I have thought that …

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.......... I would like to post some pics. on the boards here , just some of the places ,the fish , the canoe in those places ........... I just saw the "test" stuff going on with another board for posting pics. , but that's only open to "perks" at present ( I'm not signed up for that ) ........... also I have never used any other programs that allow you to put pics. up on a web. page (your own page I guess) , although I think I could set my own page up for such things but really don't want to do it that way because I think the set up process would confuse me too much , I don't know much about all that ........... wish I could just upload a pic. or two with my post here , that would be fun ........... I enjoy looking at others' pics. so I reckon they would probably enjoy ours sometimes ..