barge cement

I ordered some vynabond from a retailer and after placing the order online, they notified me that it was out of stock. They said that “barge” cement will work just as well for what I’m doing -(attaching vinyl D rings to a royalex boat to anchor a flotation bag).

Has anyone used bargs cement with a similar application and had success?


Sounds like a “sticky” question , lol …
… bet Mike_McCrea knows what sticks and stays stuck . I’ve never glued stuff to a canoe (yet) , but thought about floatation bags also . I think it’s good advise to lash them in place as well and not just depend on the grommet holes . Said that not knowing how you intend to completely secure them .

Just barge in…
I’ve used Barge many times and it’s great. Make sure you get the waterproof “marine” cement. Barge is thick so easy to work with and comes with a brush built into the cap. It is a contact cement so you coat both surfaces, wait until the cement gets tacky to the touch (usually 10 minutes, but depends on the surface in question), then press the surfaces together. Make sure they are lined up exactly the way you want because there will be no adjustments. After about 8 hours it should be able to take some pressure.

Have fun.

Never had a problem using Barge
cement on anything, though I’d lightly abraid both surfaces prior to using Barge. Apply to both surfaces and let sit 15 minutes prior to bonding, and try to apply some pressure to the d-ring patch as it cures with weight. I’d give it at least 24 hours, longer is better. Barge is some good stuff, heck, the packaging use to state it would seal leaky gas tanks! I’ve used it to resole climbing shoes, fix broken plastic items as well as wood, and glue in minicell kneeling pads to a Tufweave hull. Should be bomber.

Where you can get vynabond
Barge cement is great but if you want vynabond you can get it at the Duluth Pack store in Duluth MN. They would probably ship it to you.

thanks for the tips

Barge cement is ideal for sandals and shoes when the soles are coming off and need reglue.