barge cement

so my intention was to order vynabond from an online retailer “rutabaga” to install a float bag in my bluehole OCA. After I ordered and purchased online, they nofified me the item was in fact out of stock. They suggested barge cement as an equally effective alternative so I tried it.

It seemed to hold just fine untill I actually had to use the canoe. I paddled a local river here and did not make use of the floatation (that particular day), but the forecast called for rain again so I left the boat on my vehicle. It was in direct sunlight for a couple of hours and when I finally unloaded it, the vynal D-ring patches came right off. It looked as if the heat from the sun had released the adhesive and I wonder if it would have held had I rolled on the river and actually needed the flotation.

Has anyone else had luck with barge cement and sun? I’m thinking about trying vynabond which is still working for me on a different boat.

how did you apply it?
It sounds to me like you didn’t use the re-activation method with your Barge Cement. This is the only way to glue anything into a boat and expect it to stick. If you put the D-ring in too soon, you’ll trap the solvent vapors that allow the cement to flow from the tube, but make the bond weak. If you apply the cement to both surfaces, let it dry; and apply and dry again, finally using a blow dryer to heat the both surfaces before positioning, followed by burnishing the vinyl pad for the best adhesion, you’ll never have a problem.

If Barge Cement can keep soles on leather shoes, it can definitely keep flotation in a boat.

I’m one who usually follows directions-

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clean thoroughly, apply cement to both sufaces, allow to set 15min, press firmly together and allow to dry 24 hrs.

This was the same method prescribed for applying vynabond which (as I mentioned previously) is still holding D-rings tightly to my morningstar.

Neither of these directions called for "re" applying the adhesive. None-the-less, since I have enough barge cement left in it's tube, I'll give it another shot.