Barkley Sound Guide Books?

My wife and I are planning a trip to the Broken Group Islands next year and are gathering planning information. I recently bought Mary Snowdens’ “Sea Kayak Barkley and Clayoquot Sounds” guide and am looking for suggestions on other ‘must haves’ to help out. Any suggestions?


Kayaking the Broken Group
JF Marleau’s book sets the new standard for the Broken Group guide books. go to his site below for more information.

BGI Guide
Thanks for the link, I wasn’t aware of that book and will place my order shortly.


E-mail me
I know the area very well and would be glad to help out. Been there many times in all seasons. It’s a great place that is easy to get to.

Getting a Book

I live in WA state and it just so happens my husband ordered a book from on Vancouver Island that contains info on the Barkley Sound. I don’t know the name and we have not really done any investigating yet as we also want to do the broken islands next year.

The library book we have out says to bring your own water and treat any water you find since “Parks Canada” water sources marine chart is not reliable in the summer. It also goes into some islands being closer in and not as exposed to the ocean for people who want to be in more protected waters. They say to have a base camp to explore from.

We have the San Juan Islands to explore where I live in WA, but I just recently got my kayak, so we don’t have time to arrange a big trip there. It may also be that the broken islands are easier to access going from island to island in protected waters instead of ferry hopping in WA. I haven’t even looked into the San Juan’s yet so I don’t know what’s up w/kayaking around there although I do have the info in books, we’ve been only venturing 40 minutes or so from home since we have great kayaking nearby and even 2 minutes from our house by accessing the Puget Sound.

The library book I have out is called “Kayak Routes” (of the Pacific Northwest Coast) Edited by Peter McGee for the British Columbia Marine Trail Association.

I would really use your library as a source for reading material to start off with at least. I guess my husband bought some book because we live close to Canada so it may come in handy to own a good book on the area.

Bye, Capri

Book Ordered
The book didn’t come today. I’ll look at it and see if it’s worth buying or getting from the library when I get it.


Broken Group
I don’t know that this would be considered a “must-have”, but you may find some interesting reading in it.

The westcoastpaddler website is a great resource if you haven’t already discovered it. Have fun with your planning - almost as good as actually being there!