barometer and weather

I have been following barometric readings and trying to correlate with weather predictions. I have not had any luck. It seems that even when the readings show high pressure, the real weather may be cloudy, rainy, or snowing. For example, at this moment the barometer is registering 1024 mb, a generally high pressure. The weather outside is very cloudy with strong chance of precipitation. Whats up? How can you use a barometer?

low pressure
generally indicates wind coming with unsettled weather, often rain. High pressure is generally fair weather. These are general ideas and can be incorrect some of the time.

This one is self explanatory…

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Cereal... More of a trend than a reading..

Going down expect stormy weather.
Going up expect clearing weather.

You can forecast weather with cereal?

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The only time I’m interested in
the barometer readings is when they are shown on a map in the form of isobars.

Localized heating and evaporation can lighten air that is suppressed under high pressure. Lake Michigan does it for us; we get some of our snowiest days when the rest of michigan and the midwest is under clear high pressure. Same goes for summer when we get a seabreeze front, which is a localized low-pressure front.