Barracuda stripper

Anyone ever built/paddled a Winters designed Barracuda?

Might be looking for a winter project and it looks like a neat boat. Can’t find a lick of info. on it though, which makes me think there aren’t many out there.


Looks real good to me, although it
is not quite big enough for my weight (225#) and overnight gear. Probably there is a similar larger design.

no trip
Not looking for a tripper but rather a workout boat. They claim the speed of a marathon C1, which I doubt, but I’m curious how close it is and how it handles.


The Barracuda

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doesn't go out to the required 14.375% of legnth so it is outlawed for USCA sanctioned races. I suspect it it would be almost as fast a J-Boat and alot more stable.. Of course almost anything is more stable then a J-Boat.
If you build it let me know, I also have been really interested in it for my next build.

I can’t remember who…
I had email contact with I think it was Northwest Canoe, and they told me that with my 230lbs the Barracuda would not perform at its optimum (read: not float well, and be slower than designed).