Barrels or Traditional packs

I am just curious to know some opinions on using either barrels to carry gear and food in or traditional packs.I have a couple of canvas packs and I like the way they fit in my canoes.On the other hand the barrels,which I have no experience with,seem like they would be more rugged.Not only that,I would think you would not have to use abrasion liners and such in them.What about the way the barrels fit in a canoe though?Are they bulky,sit high in the boat,or anything to the like?I know it is mostly a personal preference but I am still interested in knowing who uses what and why?It may help me decide whether to keep using my canvas packs or move to something different or use both.I’ve been canoeing for only a few years now so keep this in mind along with my trips that are usually 7 to 10 days.It just depends.



i like barrels - - -
i’ve been using Black Feather barrels with harness for about 15 years now and much prefer them to the packs i used to use.

they fit the canoe very well, are easy to carry with the harness, are water proof, critter proof and in at least one experience, bear proof as well.

5 gal. compound
buckets , waterproof , use as seat in camp , coon proof , make a good table when ya bring a board along , easy to aquire for free , can make a good wind screen too

I prefer the traditional packs, but…

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that is just me.
We have from the big "Bills Bags" with their shoulder straps right down to all size dry bags.
the "Bills Bag" makes a real comfy seat or seat back.
I like them better than anything rigid since you can squish them in the bow, stern or any place in between.
We do use the litle Garcia Bear Cannisters whenever we are in bear territory.

sorry guys
I know it’s a little late getting back to you.Thank you for the insight on barrels.I do like the idea that the barrels are critter resistant.I don’t go into bear territory that often but racoons,that is a different story.They may not be as strong as a bear but they are as every bit determined to get what they want.Which brings me to another question.Do the barrels keep food odors down anymore than traditional packs?Also,does anyone have a particular brand that is preferred or will any do?Same about the durability of different brands?Thanks again for your help.