Bart Hauthaway Kayak

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I have recently become interested in kayaking and was given a kayak by my fathers friend. I know very little about its worth and was wondering if anyone could help me get an idea of how valuable it is. It is a blue and white, Bart Hauthaway Olympic Slalom kayak that weighs 27 1/2 pounds and is in good condition. It has a sticker on the inside that says Hauthaway Kayaks 640 Boston Post Road Weston, Massachusetts and appears to be signed by the late Mr. Hauthaway. Any help would be appreciated, I am not sure whether or not this is the best kayak for a beginner to take fishing. Thank you for your any help you can offer!

Josh Rumsey

sentimental value primarily
A slalom kayak from the 60s or 70s isn’t worth anything now for the most part. From a historical perspective, the kayak may be worth something if Bart himself used it in the Olympics but other than that, you can be happy simply with knowing that a legend in the sport at one point paddled your kayak.

As for fishing, it really depends on your personal balance. Slalom kayaks are relatively stable but most kayak fishermen use much wider SOT kayaks which have much higher stability.

Do a google search
punch in his name an add kayaks , you’ll get pic’s o some o his yaks , an that’ll help ya find out which one ya got . Colour ain’t gonna help alot though. It’s all about design . Like sayin I got a blue an white chevy . That’s all I got fer ya !

Enjoy it !

If it’s a racer I’d say ya may have a bit of a time just stayin in it .

good luck