Barton Carbon Fiber Bent Shaft canoe

paddle. What can you tell me about them? I just mailed a cashier’s check for a 51", 15oz black carbon fiber bent shaft paddle made by Barton Paddle Company.

The shaft and blade shape as seen in the pictures that I received from the seller reminded me of the Black Bart paddle that I saw this summer, but the handle (grip) reminded me of the handle on my Sawyer Manta wood bent shaft.

I’m also getting a Wenonah 48", 18" to 20" composite bent shaft with the deal and it has a black shaft and golden blade. The blade shape looks nearly identical to the blade of the Barton in the pictures. I don’t know the model name and I didn’t see any like it on Wenonah’s web site, so I’d appreciate any info I can get on this paddle as well. The handle (grip) on this Wenonah and the Barton look very similar in the pictures that I received from the seller.

I’m hoping that the Barton will have a similar feel as my Sawyer Mantas, but the lighter weight will be easier on me for longer trips.

All tips & insights are welcom.


The paddles shipped today.
I should receive them tomorrow or Thursday. Then the fun begins.

I received the paddles today.
So far, I like what I see. The blades on both the Barton and the Wenonah paddles are similar and they are a couple inches shorter than the blades on my Sawyer Manta paddles, but are the same width. The bend angles on both appear to be the same and a couple degrees sharper than my Mantas, so that will be something else to get used to.

Hopefully, I’ll get to try them out this weekend if the weather permits. I’m kind of excited to try them.

The weights, according to my wife’s kitchen scale are:

Barton 51" 13.75oz

Wenonah 48" 19oz

Sawyer Manta 50" 23.5oz

I tried to Barton and the Wenonah today
in my Sawyer Summersong solo canoe and they both worked quite well in windy and choppy conditions (I had the rudder down). I’m going to like using these paddles, especially the lighter Barton on longer trips. On longer trips, I’ll likely swith off between the 51" Barton and the 48" Wenonah just to get a slightly different muscle usage to reduce fatigue.

I suspect that the 51" Barton will work well in my Mad River Slipper as well. I look forward to trying that combination.

All in all, I’m very pleased that I was able to acquire these paddles at a reasonable price.