Basic Skill DVD...Sorta

 I don't consider myself a beginning paddler but I have never had any formal paddling training. I am probably a low level intermediate. The skills that I have acquired have come through trial and error over the last 5 or 6 years. Can anyone recommnend a good DVD that covers basics strokes, wet exit, etc that is maybe intended for someone a little beyond a beginner that is looking to improve skills? I just want to evaulate where I am and things I need to work on as I continue to try different types of water. Thanks.

“Ken Whiting’s Ultimate Sea Kayak” DVD
is really good - excellent illustrations of all the basic strokes, braces, rescues, etc, and lots of video of some excellent paddlers paddling. The Nigel Foster series has some great segments, but requires buying multiple DVDs, with many repeats of the same segments, to get the same coverage.

Practical Kayaking
The DVD "Practical Kayaking may meet your needs.

Kent Ford’s
Performance Sea Kayaking is still my personal fav. Kent’s great and the vid is kinda funny.

the best instruction
is still personal instruction

Why not try out the Virginia Kayak Center (or whatever it’s called) instead?

Allsky7 ur prayers r answered.

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And on sale. And if you'red a PPerks ,e,ber, you get another 10% off on that low price (you pay some minor shipping, but no sales tax unless you;re in MI)

I watch this series of DVDs yearly, and always gain something more from them each time. All 6. Nigel is the best.