basics, peddel/sitting position & paddel

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From my previous post we(you)learned that I don't use my kayak much because most of my trips down the river are with a pal so we use the canoe, as my kayak is only a one seater.
Now my buddy isn't able to get out as much so I get to learn my kayak.

I'm not sure how to sit correctly in my kayak or where the foot peddles should be positioned.
I'm so used to using the single blade oar when I canoe that I'm dumb foundered on techniques of a dual bladed paddle (not sure of the proper name for my kayak paddle)

I've tried to find basic paddle techniques for kayaks but results yielded mostly play boating techniques.

Any advise or links to good articles would be appreciated.
I have a pamlico 100 & paddle the Dan river which is a pretty laid back slow river.

Look here

Also cruise the articles on this site and the stuff under Guidelines. There’s a lot more there than people tend to realize.

Slight tweak to a lot of this - articles about a good seated position generally have in mind a boat where the paddler is able to control the boat using contact in the thighs. In a boat like the P100, pretty large cockpit and no thigh braces, a lot of that isn’t practical. So do the best you can to get the rest of it - a comfortable position for your legs and a nice erect posture that let you rotate for the stroke.

if you can get your hands on a copy
of the Nigel Foster DVD’s, he covers this sort of thing

animated guide

For what it is worth:
don’t slouch, and don’t lean back.

Others might disagree, but I don’t even think a back rest or back band is necessary, (possibly just a lower band).

Set the foot brace(s) so you have a slight bend in your knees, (maybe even a little more than slight.

If you are just taking an easy paddle just keep a slight pressure on the foot braces.

If you are trying to go fast,push off the brace with each stroke.

Good luck and cheers,