Bass Pro Shops....River Rogue

Does anyone have a River Rogue or been in one. The Bass Pro Shops is having a sale and offering them for $300. Can I really go wrong? I know that it is '14 in length. What about weight? Tried to find info on the web, but was unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated.

Rouge 14
I found one while training on the “Little Arkansas” river in Wichita last summer. It was half full of water & I drug it out, put it on the bank & left it for three days!(Before I pulled it out, it spent a week in the river) I called everyone that I thought might want a free canoe, but no takers. I seem to remember looking it up & it weighed around 90. It was finally picked up by a young family.

River Rogue
I have one. Also have and prefer a 16’ Blue Hole. The RR14 has it’s draw backs. Scrap out the center seat and install a center thwart. The dry storage leaks, the cooler sucks and it door comes open when you car top and there is nothing to grap for lifting it up. Also the bottom is flimsy. But for $300 who cares. You might get odd looks from people in canoes that cost 3 to 10 times more (But then again you’ll be giving them an odd look for floating a boat that equals a mortgage payment or more) but most will smile, wave and treat you as if you’re in a cadilac. I entered a reveiw today on it in the product reveiw section of the site (definetly check out this section for ideas on this and other canoes). They said it would be posted in a couple of days. Whatever you get enjoy it, it’s more fun than a sharp stick in the eye.

Good news-Bad news
Good news Cheap, Stable, it won’t get hurt if it falls off the truck. Bad news, heavy, slow and mine only wants to turn left because it is non symetrical side to side. You can have mine for less than $300 and I’ll throw in a pair of oars which is the only way to make it act like a boat.

Basspro shops-river rogue
I am looking at canoes and found a pelican explorer deluxe for $279.00 at Dicks Sporting Goods on line.Check it out in the review section here and see what you think.I sent them an email asking questions but got a message back saying it could not be delivered for some reason.They have a picture of it on thier website.