bathtub ring

Anyone on here have any good ways to get the “bathtub ring” off the hull of my fiberglass kayak? Thanks in advance.

Bon Ami
Bon Ami and a sponge. Usually best to rinse anything that leaves a ring prior to it really ‘sticking’.

After a decent scrubbing, consider
a quality yacht wax. 3M makes one, liquid or paste. 3M claims theirs binds chemically to the boat resin and lasts a little longer. It has UV screening chemicals.

You could also use 303, but it isn’t specifically designed for “fiberglass”.

Similar to g2d
I had a problem with a freshly painted hull. I had not known how badly it would stain, and that I should have waxed it. It took a stain worse than any I’ve seen, and wasn’t washing off with liquid dish soap that I normally use. Simple Green took it off. I had some wipe on, wipe off auto wax, so used it, instead of paste, or something that would be longer lasting. It’s been great, and I know I can redo it quickly, as needed.

gelcoat stain remover
I can’t remember the brand I have. It’s from west marine. I use it sparingly and rinse well.

Ryan L.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser…
…and water cleans a glass boat up really well. You don’t have to scrub hard.


As mentioned above
Wipe off the scum line from the hull before you take the boat out of the water. The sponge that you should always carry with you is handy for this.

That’s what I do.

after you clean it
Don’t waste money on ancient wax use Klasse 10 times better than ANY wax. Wax is so old tech its funny. I haven’t used wax in over 13 years for my cars.Works great on gel-coat or thermo formed plastic.

I wonder why 3M keeps updating its
yacht wax? I wonder why Meguar and other companies keep selling car wax?

Could it be that your stuff isn’t quite 10x better?

Yes it is
Why people keep using wax is that they don’t know about something far better. All car detailers do but the general public is generally unaware of much better products.Go to any car detailer forum. Wax here in Buffalo NY last about 1 month max in the winter time. This stuff last the whole winter plus summer. Wax has been tested many times and it just doesn’t last. Car guys sometime use Klasse then a cote of Blitz carnuba wax over the top as it gives the car finish a deeper shine BUT for protection nothing beats a Acrylic sealer. (oh there is an Acrylic sealer marketed to power boaters cant think of the name of it, I saw it in a power boat magazine ad)

Soap and water. Abrasives are hard on paint but okay as a last resort if you have calcium carbonates to deal with.

dc, who expected wax to “last”?
I don’t expect paint to “last”.

I don’t expect gelcoat to “last”.

If you have any reason to think your classy detailing product is suitable for the bottoms of boats, tell us. About cars I could care less. I gave up on car finishes ages ago, because ours go over 200k without wasting weekends detailing.

what iam saying is
If you use Klasse on your gel coat kayak or thermo formed plastic kayak it will last the whole summer and keep the paint from fading. Who doesn’t want a nice shiny kayak. Its the best protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It will also keep ugly rings or crud from sticking to the hull. So who wouldn’t want a better looking kayak? There is a brand of acrylic sealer sold to power boaters but its basically the same stuff, cant remember the name of it. There was forum member here who recently put up an article on how to refinish the gel coat on his kayak. Well this will keep you from HAVING to do that.