Batsto, Quaker Bridge to Batsto Lake NJ

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I'm looking to take this run next weekend (5/17). Has anyone done it recently? Is it safe to leave a vehicle at Quaker Bridge to be retrieved after the run? Is this an easy run or hard? Or would you suggest another 3 to 4 hour run? John

I know nothing about Batsto, but if you get a group together, I’d love to join in. Thanks - Jim

Quaker Bridge be no problem

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ta park but doesn't have too much space fer parkin' alot of cars. Done it many times, me'self. Only pootential problem be wit gittin' hit by de livery vans an' trailers - yer should park a bit away of de put-in. If ye be comin' in fro' Atsion (Rt. 206) some parts of de sand road (Quaker Bridge RD.) kin' be mighty soft so watch out fer dat.

De run down ta Batsto Village is pretty easy - a bit more open then fro' Hampton Furnace ta Quaker Bridge.

De Batsto be one o' me favoorite rivers in de Pine Barrens. Lots of cedars. Ah' usually run an annual Halloween overnighter fer aar club thaar over de 'All Hallos Ween" weekend fro' Hampton Furnace ta Batsto Village campin' at de Lower Forge wilderness site.

Be warned at de end o' de trip Batsto Lake can be very windy (usually a head wind) an' shallow makin' fer a'mighty good workout.

Fat Elmo

Hey Jim
I’m planning on going the first nice Saturday that comes our way. Shooting for the 17th or the 24th. It’s my girlfriend and my son and her daughter. Teenagers and old farts lol… But you’re welcome to come if you want… It’s gonna be a leisurely paddle for us as we are mostly beginners. Haven’t decided yet if we’re gonna use a carrier or two vehicles.

I am off on the 17th, working the 24th. I’d love to tag along, so if you choose this Saturday, please let me know. Thanks again - Jim