battery compartment

The battery compartment of my GPS (Garmin Map76) is damaged in that the silver contact piece for the positive end has come off. I still have it and can get the GPS working fine by slipping in so it makes contact but don’t want to go on a 3 week trip with it loose.

Can I crazy glue this in?

Are these parts generic, ie can I get spares?

Finally, what is the best way to clean the inside of this compartment of built up green/white powdery stuff.

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Can you post a picture? It might be possible to glue it for a “good enough” repair, but I’d need to see it. There might be better options.

Is the green/white stuff “I should have remembered to take the batteries out” goo?

Try a green scrubbie or stiff brush - dry to get as much loose as you can, then vacuum. Then use the proverbial soft cloth moistened with vinegar for the rest. Just moist, not damp, not wet. You don’t want vinegar running around in the compartment, as it may find a way in and ruin something.

If it is the metal contact that the battery needs to touch, it may be better to solder it back in pace. This both holds it in place and would ensure a solid electrical contact.

I didn’t
leave the batteries in too long, but the battery compartment was never fully waterproof. On long trips I’d take the batteries out every night and dry the unit in my tent. What I forgot to do was clean the stuff off over the winter.

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I know crazy glue
but don’t know or have the tools to solder. Is there a reason crazy glue won’t hold the tab in place or is otherwise unwise? If I just stick it in there when inserting the battery it works fine, but that’s just not viable in the long term.

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compass, charts, grease pen, watch

green/white stuff
Is oxidation from the metal and moisture, best way to clean it is any slightly abrasive material, pencil eraser is great, or VERY fine sandpaper, then a Qtip with rubbing alcohol to clean up the dust and any remaining green stuff. You can apply a good amount of pressure with the Qtip, but be a little more delicate with the abrasives. Good luck!

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Super glue
doesn’t stick to metal. Maybe try some hot glue to wedge it in there, if it slides down into slots.